Clare wins Gold in 2021's Green Impact Awards
Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Clare has once again won a Gold Colleges award in this year's Green Impact competition, making 2021 the seventh year in a row the College has won gold or platinum. The Green Impact awards support colleges and departments across Cambridge in reducing their effects on the environment.


The team was led by Dr Jo Costin, but with support from across College. The auditors drew particular attention to the work done installing smart meters, Clare's Green Formal Halls, and the free-cycling work led by the MCR.


Jo said of this year's campaign: "The most rewarding part of the Green Impact scheme is that it involves working with people across the whole College community – students, staff, and Fellows. For instance, the things the auditors highlighted all came from different parts of the community. The MCR set up a free-cycle cupboard and put in place measures to continue using it safely; the UCS and Catering team have been working on the Green Formals; and installing smart meters, and feeding back to occupants about how much gas and electricity was being used, was done through Clare Goes Green and the Buildings team.


"It was more challenging this year not having in-person meetings, which really help to bring the team together, but I'm really pleased to have still been able to collaborate to get the Gold Award. I’m looking forward to working on next year's Green Impact awards, so if any College members would like to get involved, do get in touch!"